Beowulf Machine and Defense LLC

About Us

Beowulf machine and defense

Beowulf Machine and Defense is a small, tight knit shop. Our business model is designed to include both internal product development and manufacturing, while also having contract work for outside parties looking to have the highest quality in their own products.

Our small crew allows for greater consistency of parts, allowing for tighter tolerances and better quality from part to part. We can easily change our schedule to accommodate our customers’ needs allowing for quick turnaround times while still maintaining the highest level of standard.

At Beowulf Machine and Defense we strive to produce and provide the best.

our mission

Idea & Concept

We take a look at the current market and conceptualize new products or how we can improve on current designs and ideas.


We take pride in our products and want to provide the best quality. With this in mind we develop our products with a variety of tests and then field research after initial design.

Design & Test

After conceptualizing our product we move into the design phase. Along with the designing we do our test before our initial design is completed.


Once the original design is finished we make a prototype and conduct field research. Once a prototype passes the field research we move on to production and product launch.

Sales & Service​

Giving back is a priority to us and so we've committed ourselves to donating 5% of all sales to the organization of your choice.


Joseph Doell

Beowulf Machine and Defense was started in 2020 by founder Joseph Doell.  As an avid outdoorsman he saw ways to improve the products he was using.

After graduating from Idaho State University with an Associates of applied science in CNC Machining, Joseph made it his goal to make the improvements he saw possible. Joseph has since set out to put forth the best products available to the discerning hunter, shooter and outdoorsman.

In addition to making high quality components and products, Joseph has set out to give back to the community. He is doing that by donating 5% of all sales to a charity or an organization that gives back to the communities of outdoorsmen, hunters, fisherman, competitive and recreational shooters and our military, and law enforcement.